Help and FAQ

  • Chat Area
    The main area shows the messages you have sent and received. The current topic for this room, if any, is shown in the title bar. If a message appears in blue, then clicking it will take you to the Web Address or email address mentioned on that line.

  • User List

    The right list displays people currently in this chat room. Your nick is displayed as bold. You may double-click a name in the list to get more information about that user, as well as start a Person-to-Person Chat with him/her.

    There are two special colors that identify names:

    blue indicates an Room Moderator that can issue commands to control the room, if you need any help, please ask them.
    green indicates a user with "voice", if a channel moderator is unavailable, please direct your question to them.
  • Input Area
    At the bottom is the input line. You can send a message by typing it on this line. You can also change how the message is interpreted by using the Pull Down Menu at the right-hand side of the Input Area. A message can be interpreted as:
    • A message intended for everyone in the room to hear
    • An action you wish to appear to take (as opposed to a statement). For example:
      *Guest1 rolls his eyes.  To do this click on the pull down menu and select "send as action"
    • You can also send sounds, to initiate a sound, click on the pull down menu and select "send as sound"  an option box will pop up and you may select your sound and also send a message with it if you wish.
    • There is also an ignore feature located in the pull down menu, use this if you recieve an excessive amount of unwanted text from a user.  The person stays ignored until you log off the chatroom.

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